This year NIRMAN organized a series of one day consultations on the theme of Denotified and Nomadic Tribes; Issues, Challenges and the Way Forward” in Maharashtra at various regional levels and a final consultation at state level. The consultation objectives were as follows

 1.   To discuss Human rights status of Nomadic and De-Notified Tribes

2.   To facilitate discussion on the current situation of the women in Nomadic and Denotified tribes, challenges and the way forward.

3. To facilitate discussion among scholars and activists on the issue pertaining to inclusion of Nomadic and Denotified tribes into schedule castes and schedule tribes or separate schedule.

 Regional Consultations

  1. The western Maharashtra regional level consultation was held on 24th July 2011 in collaboration with Karve Institute of Social Service, Pune.
  2.  The Vidharbha regional level consultation was held on 19th Aug, 2011 in Collaboration with Tirpude Collage of Social Work, Nagpur.
  3. North Maharashtra regional level consultation held on 2nd October, 2011 in collaboration with Bhatake Vimukta Jati Jamati Shikshan Vikas aani Sanshodhan Sanstha, Nashik.
  4. Marathwada regional level consultation was held on 18th October 2011 at Aurangabad in collaboration with ASHMAK, Aurangabad.

State level consultation at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) Mumbai

The state level consultation was attended by Dr. Narendra Jadhav (Member, Planning Commission of India). This consultation was organized in collaboration with Centre for Social Justice and Governances, Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai on 5th November 2011.

 These four regional level consultations and the State level consultation saw different organizations, NGOs, activists; scholars, researchers and thinkers who are working on the issues of NT-DNT in Maharashtra come together on a single platform.


Key Suggestions and Recommendations

NT-DNT Key suggestions and recommendations(2)


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