Photo Gallery

Miss. Vaishali Bhadwalkar, Member of  NIRMAN , delivering the introductory note of the symposium. On the stage (from leftside) Mr. B. D. Borkar, Prof. Hari Narke, Prof.Motiraj Rathod.


Guest Speaker: Prof. Hari Narke Chair of the Mahatma Phule Adhyasan, Pune University, Pune


Guest Speaker: Mr. Pravin More Alliance for Dalit Rights, Mumbai


Guest Speaker: Prof. Motiraj RathodFamous writer and thinker,Auragabad


Presiding over: Mr. B. D. Borkar Executive, Offshoot wings of BAMCEF


Social activists, Representatives of the different organizations, youth, women and renown Personalities from Nomadic and De-notified communities participated to listen the thoughts of the Speakers



Mr. Sachin Bhagat (Suman Foundation) Conducting workshop on SOP ( Strategic Organizational Planning) with NIRMAN team


 Group discussion during the SOP


 Finalizing action plan with NIRMAN Team members


 Planing meeting on The issue of Enumeration of NT-DNTs in the Censuses



NIRMAN Team Members


Vision Building Workshop at SATARA  


Sagar Zende is talking about perspective development  



NIRMAN Team Members  at SATARA


Celebrating birth anniversary of Dr.B.R.Ambekar


The girl belogs to Pardhi community and She is waiting for education

children belong to Paradhi Community

Hut of Pardhi Community

Pardhi Family


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