Case Studies

  Journey to recognition as a Citizen of India . . .                        

  My name is Nakalesh Ramchandra Bhosale belongs to Paradhi community (Denotified Tribe). For the society I am a Criminal by birth (?) I got this label as criminal tribe because I took birth in tribal community which is considered as a criminal community by birth under the Criminal Tribe Act 1871. I am 24 years old. My native place is Kati village in Indapur block and Pune district of Maharashtra (India). My family condition is very poor. Though this Act is repealed in 1952 still me, my family members and community is branded as a criminal. We are being discriminated in village till date. My parents are illiterate and working as an agricultural laborer in the farm of land lord in the village but they decided to teach their children. They wanted that their children should learn and become good officers. I was motivated by my parents and I tried to complete my education. First time in the history of my family, I am the first person to complete degree level education. I completed B.A (Bachelor in Arts) in 2009 then I took admission in B.Ed (Bachelor in education) in Mahatma Phule Shikshan Shatra College, Akluj. I got admission to B.Ed on the basis of caste certificate in June 2010 but issues of caste validity certificate was more important for admission process and I was worried as I didn’t have caste validity certificate and there were chances of rejection and cancellation of my B.Ed admission. Hence I filed my case of Caste Validity Certificate in Tribal Research and Training Institute at Pune when I was in B.A. (2009).

For follow-up I used to travel frequently to Pune and ask about caste validity certificate; I got very dreadful experiences of bureaucracy. The government officer did not respond me properly. They only used to say that they would give caste validity certificate after one month. As the days were passing on, I was getting anxious.  My college principal kept on asking me about caste validity certificate; and I used to respond them that it would get soon. I was totally depressed and disturbed. I was unable to find way out. I was struck due to bureaucracy.

Government officer’s apathy at one hand and pressure from College Principal other hand had devastated me. My mother had taken loan from a money lender at the exorbitant interest rate of 10 %. Add to misery, my mother tried to commit suicide. I felt I would not be able fulfill my parent’s dream. I would not be able to complete my education. I was helpless there was no ray of hope for me.

Finally with lots of frustration and with few hopes I called to Mr. Santosh Jadhav (President, NIRMAN) and narrated the incidence about caste validity certificate. Then immediately Mr. Santosh Jadhav called up my college principal and discussed about caste validity certificate; but Principal was not convinced. Principal argued that he had to follow certain rules and regulations for admission and he would not act beyond the rules. But he suggested approaching Mr. Kirdak Sir, in charge of the B. Ed section of the university.

Mr. Santosh Jadhav and NIRMAN team went to Tribal Research and Training Institute for discussion with the government officer about the caste validity certificate; but their officer did not give proper response. After understanding the whole situation and initiate possible dialogues finally NIRMAN team took a stand with my consent, decided to go with media and put pressure on the government officer for the issuing caste validity certificate. Government officer Mr. Thombare Sir who is Deputy Director of Tribal Research and Training Institute himself took an order from the other government officer in that department. Finally with constant initiatives and follow up of NIRMAN team; I got my caste validity certificate in Feb 2011. This journey was lasted around two years with lots of learning and stress. I got assurances that my admission would not be rejected. It made me and my family happy especially my mother could not control her joy. I am confident to say that and I am giving all credits to NIRMAN. Because of NIRMAN I will make my dream come true and I will live my life with dignity and respect.

“My Dream of living life as Human being will come true, I hope, like me, other students’ dream who are stigmatized as a criminal by birth, will also come true only if organizations take initiatives like NIRMAN” Nakalesh Says


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